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$40 Sessions

At Alliant Therapy Group we believe in providing affordable care to the community. If you do not have insurance or mental health coverage, if you have a high deductible, or if we are out-of-network, we offer several options so that cost does not have to be a barrier to your wellbeing.

Our interns provide an affordable option for counseling as part of their academic clinical internship experience. Our interns are Master's-level graduate students, and while they are not yet fully licensed in the state of Washington, they offer many strengths and bring their unique life experiences and personal qualities to the therapeutic relationship. Experience in the field is only one of many tools in a therapist's toolkit. Because interns are newer to counseling, they bring fresh energy and perspective to their work, study the most recent developments in psychology research, and practice under the close supervision of a fully licensed mental health counselor to ensure that you are getting what you need from the therapy experience. We are confident that our interns are able to provide quality mental health care with compassion, competence, and a strong sense of ethics, so that you feel understood, respected, and valued on the journey toward reaching your goals.

Session fees are $40/individual and $50/couple or family, per visit. Each visit is 50 minutes long. These discounted sessions are offered by the counselors below. Please read through their biographies and mention your interest in these sessions when contacting us. 

(Your rate depends on the counseling service you request. You might also visit our Therapist page for additional staff biographies to help you determine which counselor may be a good fit for you. If you are unsure, we are happy to help you find a good fit based on your needs, so please call us today to set up an appointment.)


Megan Ebel, BA

I am currently in the last year of my Master's program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling through Regent University. I believe counseling is a collaborative process that should be tailored to your unique needs and strengths in a holistic way. During this season of life, I will work hard to provide you with a safe environment that is filled with acceptance, empathy, genuineness, and compassion. Through an integrative approach, I tend to use various Humanistic theories, but primarily Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is an empirically based approach that utilizes mindfulness and each person's unique values to support decisions based on a greater degree of meaning, authenticity, and overall well being in life. Currently I am interested in working with adults in individual therapy for anxiety, depression, self-worth, life transitions, relationship challenges, and trauma.  

M.A. Mental Health Counseling, Regent University Seattle

Andrew Rogers, BA

Life is often stressful and hard. I believe therapeutic relationships are instrumental in learning to cope with big challenges.

As a Clinical Mental Health Counseling student at Antioch University, I've focused on building impactful relationships with clients that help them thrive and find balance in their life. I utilize mindfulness-based approaches along with cognitive behavioral therapy to give clients new tools to change negative thoughts, build better self-awareness, and discover ways to live more authentically.

I have a special interest in working with men, and the people that love them, on issues of masculinity, identity, and relating to others.

M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Antioch University

Valerie Woolley, BA

Hello. My name is Valerie Woolley and I am presently in my final year of graduate studies in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Antioch University Seattle. I consider counseling to be an opportunity for clients to build a grounding, empathetic, dynamic relationship with a professional who values being authentic and compassionate. 

Together, we can integrate counseling into a holistic health plan, in which you define your preferred quality of life while considering social, spiritual, cultural, and individual realms of a lifespan. I am interested in helping clients through ongoing transitions and complications, such as work-life balance, relationships, gender identity, chronic illness, loss and grief, anxiety, and depression. 

I think you'll find me to be honest, open-hearted, creative, and humorous. In regards to specific modalities I lean toward existential exploration, attachment theory, and mindfulness integration. When appropriate, I enjoy incorporating body-awareness into sessions through breath, meditation, and movement.

M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Antioch University Seattle

Kyle Anderson, BA

Hi! I am a graduate student at Seattle University working toward my Master's Degree in Couples and Family Therapy. Prior to this, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Washington. 

I use a client-centered, collaborative approach to therapy. I bring a systemic and spiritually integrated lens to my work with clients. In human speak, this means I believe neither people nor problems can be understood outside of the larger context in which they exist. I also believe that therapy is a deeply sacred and creative work. I firmly believe people do the best they can with the tools and knowledge available to them. My role is to support and collaborate with my clients around the goals we establish together. I do this by using a strength-based, empathy-rich approach to therapy.

I am honored by the invitation to join my clients on their brave journeys of self-discovery, healing, authenticity, growth, and re-authoring of their stories. I am passionate about people in general but am specifically interested in helping women around issues of self-worth, anxiety, depression, life transitions, romantic/family relationships, and grief or loss.


M.A. Couples and Family Therapy, Seattle University

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