Hi, my name is Hanna and I am a graduate student at the City University of Seattle working towards my Master’s in Counseling, specializing in Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling. I am drawn to working with those who are experiencing relational issues or difficulties in their environment, whether that be in the family, in the workplace, with friends, or with a partner, and I enjoy working with individuals as well.

I use a systemic approach to counseling to support you in your process of self-knowledge, healing, and connection. I strongly believe that because we operate in ecosystems of other individuals and relationships, it’s imperative to address what roles we play, what these systems look like, and how they may be interwoven throughout our experiences. As your counselor, I am collaborative, caring, and trauma-informed. Throughout our time together, I may utilize tools and techniques from attachment theory, internal family systems therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy in session.

Our work together will focus on helping you explore thoughts, emotions, patterns, memories, and limiting belief systems that may elicit emotional discomfort or pain. Through processing, implementing coping strategies, and discovering new information about the origins of this discomfort, we can begin to dismantle and heal these limiting belief systems.

M.A. in Counseling, City University of Seattle
B.S. in Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Oregon


I am not what happened to me; I am what I choose to become.
-C.G. Jung